Cooking & vanlife

Since many of you have been asking from us what do we eat every day in bus, we decided to make this post about the meals we cook. Before the trip we used mostly oven to prepare our dinners, this is something we had to forget during this trip.

We mostly cook vegetarian dishes because cooking meat it smelly (sometimes when it rains or the wind is strong we have to cook inside the bus) and often produces a lot of fat and we don’t have the luxury of warm water to clean the dishes. Another reason is that a good meat is expensive and we have limited budget for the trip.

Although we can only boil and fry our food and rarely use meat, our cooking is very diverse. Believe it or not but for one month we had a different meal every evening.

We try to buy as many ingredients as possible from local farmers whether by visiting a market or buying the stuff from old ladies next to the road.

In Lithuania and Poland we often picked chanterelles and made a tasty mushroom sauce out of them.

One of our latest favorites is a stuffed pie that one can bake on the pan. We prepare the dough ourselves, it is very simple, just flour, salt, milk and olive oil mixed together. For the filling we try to be creative each time but a lot of cheese is always the key component.

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