The first two weeks…

After a typical Estonian breakfast (only difference to German breakfast: black bread instead of white) and some coffee we started driving towards Latvia. For our trip Ann gave us a whole bag of their homegrown and -made stuff which included tomatoes, bell peppers, wine and pickles.

Since Tartu was on the way we stoped there to visit Ragles cousin Merit and her cat Milli. Afterwards we spontaneously met our friend Siim (Estonia is very small), who lives it Tartu and offered us to go to his place for a sauna and to stay the night. Thanks again Siim for letting us stay with you 😊

On Monday, 30th of August we finally crossed the border to Latvia and there was no turning back anymore 😀 After a few nights in the beautiful forests of Latvia and Lithuania we soon noticed how fast our water stock was consumed. Although we changed our habits, we still consumed a lot of water. We got our road shower (22liters), a small water tank in the kitchen (12 liters) and a 20 liters reserve tank. The difference is that now you actually see the amount a water you use just for washing few dishes.

Our evenings now are usually out in the forest with a self-prepared warm dinner, a small bonfire and a glass of wine. We were lucky to have a good weather and a sky full of stars in the night, when it was cloudy, we had our own little sky in the van. We don’t miss TV, laptop or smartphone on those evenings…

…watching a fire and feeling the heat trumps every electronic device with a screen. 

We don’t really have any plans or timetable (except Ragles meetings and interviews for her work for which we need to find a spot with good mobile data connection and make a stop), we decide everything spontaneously or few days ahead. After many days of driving and walking just a little we decided to go hiking. We chose the mountain Sněžkou which is the highest one in the north of the Czech Republic. We rented a little apartment for two nights in a small town called Petzer to have a proper shower after the hike and also to do the laundry. After a good sleep and breakfast, we started our tour. Having scaled 800 meters in one and a half hours we enjoyed the beautiful view, ate pies from a bakery, drank a “Gipfelbier” and rest before we went down again. It was a great change compared to sit and drive most of the day. The evening we spent in our room, working a bit and making ourselves a delicious zucchini risotto.

From Petzer we started driving towards Prague but since the weather was very hot, we stopped by a small lake for a swim and ended up spending the whole day at the beach. Close to the lake we found many delicious fruit trees😊

The next stop was Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. We parked the car on the side of the city, rented scooters to reach the city center and walked in the old town until the evening. After the walk we had a traditional Czech cuisine in one of the small local restaurants which is far from touristy – only local old men and the interior is more like canteen but with delicious food and drinks with very low price.

From Prague we headed towards Germany to reach the IAA exhibition in Munich. We stayed at the boarder zone to Germany and made a small bonfire. Since we still had one day until the exhibition, we went to visit Regensburg. We walked many hours in old town and I used the opportunity to visit a hairdresser. We went to a beer garden and drank „Märzenbier“, a famous local beer from tap. The next day in the morning we reached Munich


IAA is the biggest car show in Germany where companies and start-ups from all around the world demonstrate the latest developments and innovative ideas in the field of mobility. Lately the main focus has been on electrification and other alternative sources for transport. We went there as a part of a start-up called PowerUp Energy Technologies where Ragle currently works. We spent there three days, from Friday to Sunday, and demonstrated portable electric generator, UP 400, which is based on fuel cell, to visitors and other exhibitors. It was a great experience, we met so many people with innovative ideas and each with their own opinion which they were not afraid to share. On Sunday evening we started driving towards the Austria for our second hike of this trip.

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